hello there :)

Prisanti Putri, Indonesia.

Words and colors enthusiast.

Naturally curious and love creating things, my interest towards creative living and design grows despite my background in engineering and my love of science and technology.

I love balancing the joy of creating things with my two hands, as well as, elevating it through digital tools and technology.

My creation reflects my thoughts of life; full of colors, bright and happy.

Uncletivo.com is a place where I create things. Sometimes random, sometimes messy, but sure fun in the process.

Reach me on:

Pattern Design

I've been making various pattern design that can be applied to products, ranging from textiles to paper products. My designs mostly use bright cheerful color combinations and made in seamless/repeat patterns.

You can see more of my pattern design in here and a peek of my process here (written in Bahasa Indonesia).

I can help you create a custom pattern that fits your products/brand. My designs are also available for licensing or direct purchase.


My interest towards writing stretches to handwritten letters and later, hand-lettering.

I mostly use brushes/pens and familiar in digitizing the hand-lettering for further purposes. I can help you with custom lettering for products/editorial, creating logos and custom graphics, or even designing wedding invitations.


I love to see my creation breathes life and transform to everyday objects. I've been experienced in running a home living and accessories business as a Co-Founder at Kawung Living and a small stationery shop at shop@uncletivo.

Combining various techniques and tools, I can help you with products design and can be very resourceful when it comes to sourcing material and production.

Web Design

I enjoy tweaking and customizing HTML, CSS, and Javascript since I was a kid. I can help you create a simple website for personal/company branding, a digital invitation for weddings/events, designing newsletter for digital campaign, or even setting up and customizing WordPress theme for a personal blog, company, or magazine.

I'm also familiar working with Woocommerce plugins to create an e-commerce website for small business and start-up.


If you want to work together / ask something / say hi, reach me at hello@uncletivo.com. See more of my works at Behance.